North Richland Hills, TX Flood Damage Removal

Flooding comes from a number of causes, but is always dangerous for properties. If left to sit, flood water can cause decay in the walls and infrastructure. Furthermore, the muggy climate in the South as well as North Richland Hills makes for prime mold growth. Don’t hesitate call the Paul Davis Emergency Services of North Richland Hills, TX to eliminate flood damage from your home or business. We respond to requests 24/7 and can assist you with the claim filing process.

What Is Emergency Flood Damage Removal?

When you reach Paul Davis Emergency Services from our Emergency Hotline, we’ll appear on the scene within hours ready to start. As soon as we arrive, we perform an assessment to record the time and costs for flood damage treatment. As specialists, we do not initiate any efforts until you’ve okayed our evaluation. With years of experience in flash flood damage removal across North Richland Hills, we can deliver the best estimate.

Removing Stagnant Water

We being our work by draining leftover flood water from your home. With the help of industrial pumps, we dry out all the water possible. This step is essential to removing damage and avoiding mold.

Drying Your Property

After we’ve taken out the pooled water from your home or business, we begin the hard work by removing damaged tiles and carpets. The Paul Davis Emergency Services speed up the water removal time with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We help you avoid further damage by closely attending to our tasks.